Hate technology 90% of the time. But it does open many doors. And for the most part keeps your mind working.  All I want to do today is share with my friends and family my Daughter Cora’s adventures in Brazil via WordPress. What is so hard about that? IDK. I will get back to you.

The fall at St. Paul’s is a special time for me and most parishioners. Besides the change in the season and our annual Oktoberfest the choir returns and with it beautiful music, before during and after each 10:30 service. We are truly blessed to have Sam and Kurt. Each week is special but last week was extraordinary. The Skyros Quartet from Seattle performed before the service, during the service and after the service. I am sorry if you missed it as it was beautiful and allowed me to really feel the spirit at work inside me. So thank you to Sam and Kurt for continuing to add so much to the 10:30 service. I am convinced that St. Paul’s has the best music program in the Kansas City region. We all need to tell our friends about St. Paul’s and invite them to come and experience our wonderful choir, organist and occasional guest performance. See you Sunday. Richard Martin